Marawi's `fire` is still smoldering 2Marawi's `fire` is still smoldering 2

Marawi city in the southern Philippines is being horribly devastated by Muslim terrorists.

After three weeks of fighting, 58 soldiers were killed, including a unit of 13 marines who fell on June 10 in the most intense gunfight ever.

Hundreds of terrorists, including gunmen from Indonesia, Malaysia and several other countries, are believed to still occupy at least 10% of the city.

Marawi City is being devastated by fighting every day

Why Marawi?

Before the terrorist siege, Marawi was a model community with harmonious coexistence between Muslims and Christians.

According to the website, there appear to be two scenarios that the Maute rebel group hopes to achieve.

Another motive that seems more reasonable is that this attack is a major propaganda effort similar to the strategy of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization.

It appears that the Maute group will try to prolong the siege as long as possible to further utilize the propaganda effort and try to attract more members.

American presence

On June 14, Philippine military spokesman, Brigadier General Restituto Padilla, said US soldiers were on the battlefield in Marawi city – where the Philippine army was fighting against Maute-linked gunmen.

The US presence in Marawi is complicated, not least because of the possibility that US troops could get bogged down in the fighting.

On June 11, Mr. Duterte told the press that he had `never raised an issue with the US` to ask for help and did not know about US military assistance in Marawi.

On June 14, Brigadier General Padilla said: “The only problem here is that when the military operation began in Marawi, the President directed the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Defense to do everything possible to suppress the situation.

Threatens regional security

According to Singapore’s Morning Post newspaper, the terrorist situation in the Philippines is becoming extremely serious, even threatening the security of the entire region.

Mindanao has become a base for regional terrorists.

Mr. Gunaratna emphasized that the Philippines’ problem is also the problem of Southeast Asia, the path of Muslim extremists in this region to the Middle East and joining IS has not been cut off so far.

In addition, IS has now publicly announced its goal of establishing branches in Southeast Asia.

This is similar to the situation of the al-Qaeda terrorist network during the period 2001-2002, from bases established in Afghanistan and Pakistan that quickly expanded to all regions around the world.

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