Mexican drug lord was exposed because he wanted to film his biography 0Mexican drug lord was exposed because he wanted to film his biography 0

(Dan Tri) – The name Joaquin `El Chapo` Guzman was arrested by Mexican marines on January 8 after a 3-hour gun battle in Sinaloa state, the tycoon’s `home turf`.

`Short guy` Guzman was forced to face the press while being escorted onto the plane.

Notorious Mexican drug lord arrested after 6 months of escaping from prison

During the siege, the Mexican marines encountered fierce resistance from the `midget’s` henchmen, equipped with 12.7mm sniper guns capable of penetrating most

Late Friday night local time, Guzman was escorted to Altiplano high-security prison, where he escaped last July, after digging a 1.5km long tunnel.

One of the reasons why this guy’s whereabouts were revealed after he fled to his home state of Sinaloa was because he wanted to make a biopic of himself, Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez revealed.

`The fact that he had contact with actors and producers has become a new channel in the investigation process,` Ms. Gomez said at the airport, where Guzman was forced to show his face to the press.

To capture the world’s most notorious drug lord, Mexican investigation, intelligence and military forces spent 6 months planning and tracking.

After that time, Guzman remained silent, limiting communication until deciding to move to the city of Los Mochis last month.

The Attorney General also added that it was the key tunnel builders of the `dwarf guy` who led authorities to an area in Los Mochis, where surveillance activities were carried out for a month.

Mexican drug lord was exposed because he wanted to film his biography

Guzman was put on a plane back to the prison where he escaped last July.

By last Wednesday, the reconnaissance team discovered many activities at the suspicious house, before a car arrived on Thursday morning.

Early in the morning of January 8, the marines decided to approach the house but encountered fierce resistance.

“We heard intense gunfire and helicopters.

Ms. Gomez said that during the gunfight, Guzman and number one bodyguard `El Cholo` Ivan Gastelum escaped through the sewer system, before reaching the surface through a manhole, stealing a getaway car.

The marines chased him into the sewer pipe and approached the two fugitives, after learning that the car had been stolen.

Mexican drug lord was exposed because he wanted to film his biography

Also arrested with Guzman was his closest junior.

“Today’s arrest is very important to the Mexican government.

Inside the house in Los Mochis, marines seized two bulletproof vehicles, eight rifles, one handgun and one grenade launcher, a statement from the Mexican Navy said.

Photos of the weapons show two 12.7mm sniper guns, capable of penetrating most armor as well as bulletproof vehicles.

The US requested extradition

What will happen next after Guzman’s arrest is a topic of attention.

In September, an additional arrest warrant was issued by a US judge, accusing Guzman of organized crime, money laundering, drug trafficking, murder, and many other crimes.

Guzman was arrested in Guatemala in June 1993, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Immediately after Guzman’s arrest, US Senator Marco Rubio, one of the Republican candidates running for the White House, requested his immediate extradition.

“With El Chapo having escaped prison twice in Mexico, a third opportunity to bring this guy to justice cannot be missed,” Mr. Rubio said.

The US government once offered a reward of 5 million USD for anyone who provides information to help capture Guzman.

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According to AP, LA Times, Reuters

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