Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup 3Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup 3

(Dan Tri) – A senior Venezuelan official confirmed that the opposition led by `self-proclaimed president` Juan Guaido is conducting a small-scale coup while the country’s military vows loyalty to the current President.

Venezuela says the opposition is carrying out a coup

At least 71 people were injured in the clashes

CNN quoted local sources as saying that at least 71 people were injured in clashes between pro-opposition protesters and government security forces.

Armored vehicles appeared in the capital Caracas.

President Maduro spoke up

President Nicolas Maduro said he spoke with military leaders and the army still shows `complete loyalty to the people, to the Constitution and to the country`.

The Venezuelan government accused the US and Colombia of supporting the coup

`Before the international community, we condemn the Colombian government’s support for the new coup attempt in Venezuela. All unconstitutional actions in recent months in Venezuela were directed from Washington and Bogota`, Foreign Affairs

Reaction of Russia and America

Russian media quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the Venezuela situation in a meeting with the National Security Council today.

Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor John Bolton seems to support the call of Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido after Mr. Guaido called on the Venezuelan people and the country’s military to support the overthrow of the President’s government.

Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup

(Photo: Twitter)

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reaffirmed that the US supports opposition leader Guaido and his efforts to depose President Maduro.

On his Twitter account, Bolivian President Evo Morales criticized the coup attempt in Venezuela.

For his part, at a press conference today, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Mexico still maintains a neutral stance on the Venezuela issue.

Protests in Caracas

Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup

Protesters protest against the Venezuelan government throwing smoke bombs at security forces at the  La Carlota air base.

Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup

Protesters clashed with security forces in Caracas.

The Venezuelan army announced its continued support for the Maduro government

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino announced that the country’s defense forces would support Mr. Maduro, after Mr. Guaido announced that he had the army `backing him` to overthrow the current government.

On Twitter, Mr. Padrino wrote: “The Venezuelan armed forces stand firm to protect the Constitution and legitimate government.

Mr. Padrino declared that the defense forces `reject coup activities intended to bring the country into violence`, and accused Mr. Guaido of using the army and police with weapons of war on the main road.

“Always be loyal.

Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup

Tear gas appeared on the streets (Photo: Twitter)

Opposition leader: `The army no longer supports President Maduro`

Venezuelan opposition leader declares coup

Opposition leader Guaido (Photo: RT)

Previously, in the video Mr. Guaido posted, he said he was at La Carlota base.

“The national armed forces have made the right choice and they are counting on the support of the Venezuelan people,” Mr. Guaido said in the video.

According to AP, tear gas appears to have appeared on the streets of Caracas.

According to the video posted by RT, armored vehicles also appeared on the streets of Caracas.

Opposition coup

Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez confirmed on April 30 that the country’s government is fighting a group of `traitorous soldiers` plotting to carry out a coup.

RT quoted a spokesman for Mr. Maduro as saying a coup was taking place.

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According to RT

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