What happened to Facebook last night? 6What happened to Facebook last night? 6

No one thought that a social network with a scale like Facebook could `collapse`.

So, what happened in the end?

Although Facebook did not announce the specific reason why its system had problems, experts at CloudFlare have provided a relatively detailed explanation.

BGP: The core of Facebook’s problems

The nature of the Internet is to connect one computer to another computer.

BGP, short for Border Gateway Protocol, is a mechanism that helps large networks exchange routing information.

BGP is like a road map that you often see at shopping centers

And at the time Facebook collapsed, CloudFlare’s team noticed that Facebook’s BGP had been updated to remove routes to this service’s servers.

What happened to Facebook last night?

Facebook’s BGP routing was updated at a time when this social network had problems

It was Facebook’s BGP problem that caused DNS (Domain Name Resolver), or Domain Name Resolution System, to not be able to complete its task of converting the domain name facebook.com into an IP address.

So why did Facebook’s BGP crash?

At this point, you understand BGP and how it works.

On Reddit, a user claiming to be working in Facebook’s troubleshooting team gave some `behind the scene` information about this incident.

Specifically, he said Facebook’s BGP had problems after a system configuration change.

However, the people `on duty` at Facebook’s data center do not have enough knowledge and authority to fix the problem.

After revealing the above information, this user’s Reddit account was deleted.

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