With a record increase in new cases, South Korea warns of the return of the `ghost` of Covid-19 0With a record increase in new cases, South Korea warns of the return of the `ghost` of Covid-19 0

(Dan Tri) – South Korea has issued a warning about the threat of Covid-19 spreading nationwide after the country recorded a record high number of new cases in the past 5 months.

People wearing masks wait to cross the street in Seoul on August 19 (Photo: Reuters)

According to Reuters, South Korea on August 19 recorded the highest daily increase in Covid-19 cases since early March, in the context of church outbreaks around the capital Seoul.

Today, South Korea had 297 new Covid-19 cases, the highest in the past 5 months.

South Korea, a country that has successfully controlled several previous outbreaks, currently has 16,058 cases and 306 deaths, according to data from the country’s disease prevention and control center (KCDC).

Nearly 90% of new cases appeared in the capital Seoul and surrounding areas, raising concerns about the rapid spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the metropolitan area of 25 million people.

South Korean Deputy Health Minister Kim Gang Lip said: `We are in a particularly dangerous crisis as the pathogen is spreading rapidly in the Seoul metropolitan area and threatens to spread throughout the country.`

With a record increase in new cases, South Korea warns of the return of the `ghost` of Covid-19

Seoul is applying social distancing measures in the context of a sharp increase in the number of cases (Photo: Reuters)

At least 166 new cases are related to Sarang Jeil church, bringing the total number of people infected from this outbreak to 623.

The government is currently mobilizing 8,500 police to trace 600 church followers, who must be quarantined according to regulations.

Many followers of this church do not want to be tested or self-quarantine.

KCDC Deputy Director Kwon Jun-wook said 10 people participating in the protest who were not related to the above church had tested positive for Covid-19.

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun pledged to take legal action against the above church for its efforts to disrupt the tracing and testing process by not providing an accurate list of followers.

At least three other small-scale outbreaks have been discovered linked to several churches in Seoul and one linked to a church in Yongin city.

Night clubs, karaoke bars, and buffet restaurants in Seoul and surrounding areas have been ordered to close.

The government said if the number of cases continues to increase at this rate, they will likely apply the highest level of social distancing, including closing schools, encouraging working from home and gatherings of no more than 10 people.

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