Fate of 18+ movies with Jennie (BlackPink) 2Fate of 18+ movies with Jennie (BlackPink) 2

On August 28, Page Six quoted a spokesperson for HBO (USA) reporting that The Idol – the most controversial TV series of the summer – does not have a second season.

“After much thought and consideration, HBO and the creators and producers have decided not to move forward with a second season.

The Idol stopped broadcasting at 5 episodes, without season 2. Photo: HBO.

The spokesperson added that The Idol is one of HBO’s most provocative original shows and the popular network is pleased with the strong audience response.

The Idol is the `brainchild` of Abel Tesfaye (stage name The Weeknd) and Sam Levinson, director of the hit movie Euphoria.

However, from the time the first episode aired in early June until it ended on July 2, the film received more criticism than praise.

The situation became even more serious when Rolling Stone called The Idol a deviant `torture porn` and `sexual fantasy` program.

Even The Weeknd, famously egotistical, was said to be dissatisfied with his first film.

Fate of 18+ movies with Jennie (BlackPink)

Jennie was widely criticized for her sexual dance scenes.

In June, Page Six sources said there were no plans to produce a second season, from the beginning The Idol was determined to be a limited series.

The source explained that despite the controversy, The Idol is still highly appreciated internally thanks to its boundary-pushing content that audiences seek in HBO’s original programming.

“The Idol certainly meets that.

Perhaps the person who is happiest when The Idol doesn’t last longer is Jennie’s fan.

However, Jennie probably thinks differently.

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