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After a year of operation in the Vietnamese market, Gunny Origin quickly affirmed its appeal thanks to its smooth gameplay on mobile and the ability to keep pace with gamers’ tastes.

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Gunny GO!

With the message `Turn on the UpRace App, Run Now and Get Gifts`, Gunny GO!

Step 1: Download the UpRace App, register an account and join 3 Gunny teams in the Gunny GO!

Step 2: Confirm your account to link your UpRace app account and your Gunny game account

Step 3: Fill in correct personal information, OTP and UpRace ID

Gunny GO!

Registering for Gunny GO!

Gunny GO!

Thus, it is not difficult to achieve the reward, but players need to be diligent and highly determined.

A step towards a healthy gaming community

Gunny GO!

In recent years, community running events have become more popular, not only attracting professional athletes but also attracting amateur runners.

Gunny Origin has been bringing joy to millions of gamers through exciting, dramatic and fun-filled matches.

Gunny GO!

Gunny GO! running event:

Gunny GO!



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